I- JPMorgan Chase Says More Than 76 Million Accounts Compromised in Cyberattack

posted Oct 2, 2014, 4:04 PM by WECB640   [ updated Oct 7, 2014, 9:08 AM ]

Customer Service Notice

The security of your Chase card is always a high priority

As you’ve learned from recent news reports, Target reported that it experienced a data breach on debit and credit cards that its customers used to make purchases in Target stores from November 27th through December 15th.  Unfortunately, some Chase debit, Liquid and credit cards were identified as at risk because of Target’s security breach.Here’s what customers should know: 

  • We will communicate to you directly via mail and e-mail, if we identify your card is at risk from the Target breach. 
  • If your card is at risk, don’t worry.  All your Chase cards have our Zero Liability Protection1. That means you're not liable for unauthorized transactions you report to us. 
  • We use sophisticated fraud-monitoring tools to review account transactions and detect unusual spending and ATM patterns. This helps us stop fraudulent transactions.

 Here’s what we are doing: 

  • Defending against fraud is a top priority for us, so we are taking additional precautions to help keep Chase accounts safe.
  • Customers whose Chase debit cards or Chase Liquid Cards are at risk from the Target breach will experience temporarily reduced limits on ATM cash withdrawals and purchases until we can replace their cards.  To minimize inconvenience to our customers we raised those reduced limits today to $250 at ATMs and $1000 in purchases per day in the United States.  We may continue to change these limits if we think it makes sense, so please check chase.com for updates.   
  • If you need cash beyond these limits please visit a branch. With proper identification, you can access your available funds.
  • Chase credit card customers can continue to use their cards normally.  These temporary debit and Chase Liquid card changes do not apply to the credit cards used at Target during the affected period. As always, alert us right away if you see unauthorized transactions.   We are also actively monitoring credit cards used at Target during the affected period.

 Here’s what customers whose debit or Chase Liquid cards are at risk can do:

  • Employees at our 5,600 branches are standing by to help you if you need more cash than $250. With proper identification, you can access all your available funds. Roughly half of our branches can issue you a new debit card on the spot.  The new debit card won’t have the reduced limits described above. 
  • To find a branch near you, visit our branch locator on chase.com.  Branch locator also includes specific hours for each location, and information about which branches have instant issue capability – allowing you to replace your debit card and get a new pin in the branch.
  • Monitor your account using chase.com or Chase Mobile – for transactions you don’t recognize and contact us immediately for assistance.

We realize this could not have happened at a more inconvenient time with the holiday season upon us. We are taking these precautions to combat fraud and prevent criminals from using Chase cards.  Thank you to all of our customers for your patience. 

And here is a big thank you to the Chase employees who worked on Sunday to help our customers!  We heard lots of stories about how they were able to help customers during an important time.  They showed the real spirit of the holidays and we are so proud to have them on our team.