Q - Microsoft says I have a virus on my computer

posted Mar 16, 2016, 11:45 AM by WECB640
Here is a textbook example of how crooks gain access to your system and charge you big bucks in the process.  These crooks may even clean out your entire bank account and steal your identity if you let them.

The following screenshot shows what appears to be an official message from Microsoft that warns the user that they have an infected computer.
It is nothing more than an advertisement.  It uses the Microsoft logo and it LOCKS your computer up so that it will not do anything else but display this message.  Because it looks official and locks your computer, people are duped into believing that Microsoft has somehow provided  built in protection to their Windows machine and the number shown can be trusted.  Once they place the call, their ship has sunk.
This is ALL a ploy to get you the user to call the number!  PERIOD.  Once you place the call, you have provided the crooks with your phone number (thanks to caller I.D.) and when you speak with one of them, they will convince you that your computer needs their service, but first they need your credit card or bank information.  Once you give that info out, you are DEAD, because they will clean out your bank account and worse, probably steal your identity!  These crooks are very savvy and are experts at the art of "social engineering".

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Mar 16, 2016, 11:48 AM