Greg Weremey - N1JFE is an FCC licensed extra class amateur (HAM) radio operator.  He has been a member of the Society of Broadcast Engineers since 1986. Since age 10, Mr. Weremey has been tinkering with electronic devices and by age 16, got his first job in radio.

Since then, he has worked as Chief Engineer for several 50Kw stations.  Always one to "tune" the audio to the point of perfection, Mr. Weremey has spent much time in pursuit of the "right sound".  In 1988, Newsradio 590 WEEI in Boston (44th floor of the Prudential Building) was completely operated with the worlds first "touch screen".  Mr. Weremey was one of a hand full of engineers hired to maintain and repair this cutting edge hardware and software.  Today, nearly every radio and TV station has a similar product on the air.

In 2000, Mr. Weremey taught electronics at the HS level.  It was a rewarding challenge.

In 2001, Mr. Weremey was Chief Engineer for a FOUR station group on Cape Cod.  A nearly impossible task, and then 911 happened.
There were NO provisions to simulcast and connect all four stations together to broadcast the news, but Yankee ingenuity saved the day.
During that time, three of the four stations had their transmitters rebuilt.  
At the present, Mr. Weremey currently spends his days repairing and cleaning computers, while instructing his clients how to stay safe on the Internet.  Electronics may have paved the way, but the passion to make this world a better place is what drives him.